Mariam Chammat is an executive advisor at the French behavioral insights unit within the Interministerial Directorate for public transformation (DITP). Her work consists in translating findings and methods from cognitive and behavioral sciences into improvements in public policies and programs. Mariam also works on strengthening evidence-based policy making by developing and piloting projects between policy-makers and researchers. Ms Chammat holds a PhD in affective and cognitive neuroscience where she studied various ways in which emotions can bias perception. She also completed a postdoctoral research at Brain and Spine Institute in France (ICM). Her research focused on the neural basis of cognitive dissonance resolution and choice-induced preference change. Passionate about belief update, in 2015 Mariam co-founded a think tank (CHIASMA) where she has developed debiasing programs aimed at improving critical thinking skills. CHIASMA’s main aim is to translate findings on cognitive biases into tools that can help improve people’s mental habits and their metacognitive skills.