As part of the lead-up to Government After Shock, the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) is conducting a range of interviews with leaders and practitioners. These interviews are intended to provide a window into different experiences of the crisis and diverse reflections upon what it might mean for government, now and into the future. Additional interviews will be added on an ongoing basis.

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Interview 8 – Jemma Greene
This episode, Alex Roberts speaks with Jemma Greene, the Executive Director for Transformation at the South Metropolitan Health Service in Perth, Australia, about the disruption of government, creating structures to connect people from inside and outside of government, and “becoming fearless” in the public sector. 
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Interview 7 – Dr. Juhani Damski
In this interview, Alex Roberts is joined by Dr Juhani Damski, Permanent Secretary of the Finnish Ministry of Environment, as well as Juho Korpi, Development Director also at the Ministry of Environment.Follow Juhani Damski on Twitter: 
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Interview 6 – Saskia Van Uffelen
Matt Finch is joined by Saskia Van Uffelen, the Belgian Digital Champion ( as well as a Vice-President of the digital services company GFI.
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Interview 5 – Petra Nilsson Andersen
In this interview, Matt Finch is joined by Petra Nilsson Andersen, Senior Advisor and Business Developer at the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency, to talk about the importance of trust, finding the balance between digital and physical, and how to keep the experimental mindset in the public sector.
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Interview 4 – Marco Daglio
In this interview, Deputy Head of the OECD’s Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, Alex Roberts, speaks with Marco Daglio, Head of the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation about the crisis and Government After Shock.
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Interview 3 – Robert Hoge
In this interview, Matt Finch speaks with Robert Hoge about the crisis and Government After Shock. Robert is the Executive Director of Strategic Communications, Queensland Health, Australia.
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Interview 2 – Caroline Paulick-Thiel
In this interview, John Wells speaks with Caroline Paulick-Thiel. Caroline is the Director of Politics for Tomorrow.
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Interview 1 – Julia Stamm
In this interview, John Wells speaks with Julia Stamm. Julia is the Founder and CEO of the Futures Project.
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