Government After Shock is an opportunity to take stock, to think about what has worked and what has not. It provides a platform for connecting with others around the world and sharing experiences, examples and shared challenges and possibilities. It is a chance to reflect upon what this shock means for government, and for those who work in or with the public sector to consider the lessons and implications. It is also an occasion to hear from diverse perspectives, and to amplify voices from the edge, that can help to provide new ways of understanding our context and the opportunities for action.

Support for you in putting together an event

If you are interested in hosting an event, we have developed a Government After Shock event guide to assist you. To help potential event hosts, we have created a community space where hosts can share ideas and questions which you can ask to join here (note: we would prefer you please get in touch before you do so, just so we know what you are planning and whether there are others we can introduce you to to help you in your planning). We would also encourage you to contact us early on, so that we can discuss your idea and help you in aligning it with the aims of Government After Shock.

Ensuring a Government After Shock connection

We are expecting a diverse range of events to be held as part of, or in connection with, Government After Shock . We know these events will take a range of forms and involve differing audiences – public sector, community and non-government organisations and private sector groups. As long as your event contributes to the broad aims of Government After Shock (see the event guide), then we welcome your creativity in creating an event to help participants reflect upon what the crisis has revealed about the role of government, now and into the future.

There are three high level matters outlined in the guide that we would ask that you draw your attention to when designing your event:

  • That your event fits with and will help contribute some insights for the three Government After Shock questions
    • What do we need to leave behind?
    • What do we want to keep?
    • What should we do differently?
  • That you agree to the high level principles for hosts of a Government After Shock event
  • That you note the code of conduct asked for Government After Shock events.

There will be some other light touch requests in regards to reporting and other ways of helping ensure a common thread through all Government After Shock events, and the OECD team will work with event hosts on these and supply necessary guidance and templates to make it as seamless an integration with your event as possible.

Submitting your event

Once you have your event planned, you can submit the details here for addition to the event calendar.