The 2020 After Shock Dialogues Network connects together like-minded events taking place before Government After Shock. Each member of the Network will share high level insights and take-away messages from their events and activities to help inform the broader dialogue in 2020 around the COVID-19 crisis and its implications for government. Each event does not necessarily focus on the crisis – but each event relates to it in some way and gives a different perspective about what might need to change in light of the crisis.

If you would like to know more about the Dialogues Network, you can read more in this blog post, or If you have an event or activity that wants to join the 2020 After Shock Dialogues Network, please get in touch.

For each event, a short report capturing key insights from the event/activities will be produced and added under each event page once published. Alternatively you can find the collection of reports here.

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

Les enjeux numériques révélés par la crise du COVID-19

November 3, 2020

L’Etat, les données et la population: la première session des Rencontres du Genève Lab qui se déclinent cette année en quatre courtes […]

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Dialogues Network: H22 Summit

Virtual November 2, 2020

H22 Summit H22 Summit will be a digital hybrid event this year. We have exciting times ahead where we’ll be rethinking how […]

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Dialogues Network: Creative Bureaucracy Festival

Virtual September 28, 2020

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival is a global platform for (re-)imagining bureaucracies and cross-sector collaboration for better social outcomes. It strives to identify […]

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Dialogues Network – CabildoXLatAm

Virtual September 8, 2020

CabildoXLatAm: A space for digital participation in Latin America  In the face of the challenges that have emerged and been exacerbated by […]

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Dialogues Network: ‘Democratizing Innovation: A Virtual Dialogue Event’

Virtual July 6, 2020

As part of their European Comission funded project, RiConfigure has been hosting dialogue events, and given the pandemic segued to a virtual […]

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Dialogues Network: Australian Public Sector Innovation Month

Virtual July 1, 2020

The Australian Public Sector Innovation Month is run yearly by the Public Sector Innovation Network as an Australian Public Service-wide initiative dedicated […]

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Dialogues Network: NextGenGov Online Summit ‘Governing at an Age of Long Emergencies’

Virtual June 22, 2020

The unfolding COVID-19 pandemichas presented governments around the world with the biggest challenge since World War II. How well-equipped have Governments been to […]

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Dialogues Network: States of Change ‘Learning Festival’

Virtual June 1, 2020

The States of Change Learning Festival, held from 1-19 June 2020, involved 40 online sessions taking place over three weeks, involving over 1600 participants from 78 countries and presenters from 15 cities.

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