Government After Shock will run across locations all over the world, combining local conversations with a global dialogue about how this shock has played out across different countries and different contexts. Participants will hear from, and help inform, leading authorities and thinkers about the potential implications. It will be an opportunity to reflect, to learn, to challenge and to identify practical next steps for local contexts as well as helping shape international guidance.

Day 1 (17 November) – Rethinking and Rebuilding through Innovation – will be grassroots oriented, and focus on insights from the frontline through decentralised and distributed events. Are you interested in organising an event for your community as part of Government After Shock? If so:

  • Please read about details and event requirements here.
  • Once you know some details about your event (e.g., name, time, etc.), please complete the form below.

The OPSI team will use this information to populate the Events page on the Government After Shock website. Please note, however, that you will need to manage registration and logistics for your event. OPSI has developed a handy event guide to help you plan your event.

    Details about the event organiser

    This section captures information about the individual, team, or organisation organising the event.

    Details about the event

    This section collects details about the event itself. Don’t know all the answers yet? That’s okay. Please provide the information you know, and then you can let us know the rest later by e-mailing us at [email protected].

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    Local event host agreement

    Government After Shock will be made up of a wide range of events and topics consisting of OECD events and other local events organised and hosted by local entities. There is no one right type of event – but we do need to make sure events run smoothly. In order for your event to be considered part of Government After Shock we need to make sure that there are some loose parameters agreed to. 

    When you propose an event, we will ask you to agree to the following in writing. Acceptance of these requirements forms part of your event registration and inclusion of your event on the official OECD Government After Shock website. 

    What you agree to as the host of a Government After Shock event: 

    1. You agree to host an event as part of 2020 Government After Shock initiative, allowing the OECD to publish details of the event, including photos and promotional content on the event website and through any other channel in publicising Government After Shock.
    2. You are responsible for the organisation of the event and related costs.
    3. Once your event is registered and published, if for any reason you have to change your plans or cancel the event, you will let us know as soon as possible.
    4. You agree that your event is being cobranded with a network of likeminded events under your logo and the Government After Shock logo, and will reflect on the community. With that in mind, Government After Shock events must.
      1. Demonstrate a commitment to inclusion, respect, and public good.
      2. Cultivate an environment of mutual learning and the sharing of ideas, and avoid promoting for-profit goods and services.
      3. Facilitate a respectful event that contributes to the sharing of different perspectives.
      4. Be designed and executed ethically and with integrity.
    5. You agree to include the Government After Shock logo on promotional materials when publicising your event, as set out in any official Government After Shock branding guidelines. 
    6. You agree to incorporate core Government After Shock event components, such as sharing answers to the event’s three core questions, as outlined on the relevant part of the Government After Shock website. 
    7. You agree to facilitate a respectful event that contributes to the sharing of different perspectives. 
    8. You agree to share back, as much as feasible, information about your event and the discussions through nominated channels, and you consent to the sharing of photos, event outcomes and information on social media, the OPSI and event websites and other platforms connected to Government After Shock. 

    OECD reserves the right to refuse to include your event as part of the initiative at its discretion if it is deemed to be inappropriate for any reason.