Dr. Jane Suiter is  Associate Professor  at Dublin City University. She is PI on the Irish SFI Covid-19 response call, the Covid-19 Public Forum.  She is also the senior Research Fellow on the Irish Citizens’ Assembly on gender equality and  is co-PI on the Irish Citizen Assembly (2016-2018) and the Irish Constitutional Convention (2012-2014) and a founder member of We the Citizens (2011), Ireland’s first deliberative experiment. She is a member of the Stewarding Group on the Scottish Citizens’ Assembly and a member of the OECD’s FuutreDemcoracy network. Jane is also PI on H2020 ICT28 Provenance, a multimillion interdisciplinary project to combat disinformation and  is also leading a new project on  countering COVID-19 disinformation and the potential role of deliberation She is also the RIA nominee on ALLEA’s ‘Fact or Fake’ project on scientific disinformation.  She was the joint winner of the Brown Democracy Medal in 2019 and the President’s Award for Research.