Prof. Ran Balicer, MD, PhD, MPH serves as Chief Innovation Officer for Clalit – Israel’s largest healthcare organization. In Parallel, he serves as Founding Director of the Clalit Research Institute, the WHO Collaborating Center on Non-Communicable Diseases Research, Prevention and Control. In these roles, he is responsible for strategic planning, development and implementation of novel organization-wide interventions and innovative technology and data-driven tools for improving healthcare quality, reducing disparities and increasing care effectiveness.

Prof Balicer also serves as a Full Professor and as Track Director in the MPH program at the Ben-Gurion University School of Public Health, Israel, and serves as Chair of the Israeli Society for Quality in Healthcare.

He is serves as Chair of the National Expert Panel on COVID-19, and as an Advisor to Israeli Government and Prime Minister Office on pandemic response.

Prof. Balicer serves as Commissioner for the Lancet and Financial Times Healthy Futures 2030 International Commission, looking for ways to harness innovation globally to improve the health and wellbeing, mainly among young individuals. He also serves in senior advisory groups to the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe, and is involved in projects focusing on chronic diseases monitoring, prevention and control, use of big data and artificial intelligence in healthcare, healthcare systems and care integration.