Dr. Fadi Makki heads the first behavioral insights and nudge unit in the Middle East – B4Development (formerly Qatar Behavioural Insights Unit) at the supreme committee for delivery and legacy, and is the founder of Nudge Lebanon. He pioneered applications of behavioral insights and nudge concepts through RCTs in the Arab region and has more than 23 years of experience in public policy, socio-economic development, behavioral economics and social entrepreneurship. He currently holds teaching and research positions at AUB and Georgetown University in Qatar.

He served as member of the world economic forum council for behavioral sciences between 2016 and 2018 and is member of the WHO’s technical advisory group on behavioral insights for health.

He served as undersecretary of the ministry of economy and trade and Advisor to the PM in Lebanon. He was also Director at Booz&Co and Cisco. He serves on the board of several financial and education institutions in Lebanon and the Arab world.

He obtained his PhD from Cambridge University, Master degrees from LSE and Hull, BAs from AUB and the Lebanese University.