Paula Forteza is a French Member of Parliament representing the French citizens living in Latin America and the Caribbean. Paula Forteza wants to make digital rights, transparency and citizen participation a priority in the political debate in France. As an MP, she is constantly striving to make digital technology an opportunity and a benefit by working on a more efficient and technologically viable regulation, working for a green and sustainable digital, developing women representation in digital sector, promoting ethical technologies, concerned about the privacy of users or by reinventing democracy through civic tech tools.

Since May 2020, she is co-president of the parliamentary group Ecologie Démocratie Solidarité.

At the beginning of the legislature, Paula was strongly involved in the bill on political life moralisation and the Reform of the National Assembly as well. She is constantly working to make the French National Assembly more modern and open to civil society. Paula Forteza is also convinced that political institutions should open up to civil society as an advocate for participative democracy processes. She has set up a platform enabling citizens to put questions to the Government to the attention of deputies. For example, she puts her agenda and her expenses on open data and she organizes an open space in her office once a week.

In July 2020, she tabled a bill to lower the right to vote to 16 instead of 18.