Micco Grönholm is Head of Future at the City of Helsingborg, with the overall mission to strengthen the innovativeness of the organization and the competitiveness of Helsingborg and Greater Copenhagen. For more than 25 years, Micco has been a game changer, enabler and inspirer – helping people, organizations and brands succeed. He has an extensive experience as a senior branding consultant and chief marketing officer and among many other things, Micco had a central role in creating, launching and building the Bluetooth brand. During Miccos seven years, the City of Helsingborg has received a number of prestigious awards, Sweden’s Digitalization municipality, Sweden’s Growth Municipality, Sweden’s Quality Municipality, Sweden’s Environment Municipality (four years in a row), and runner up in iCapital – the European Capital of Innovation Award, to mention a few. Also, Greater Copenhagen has been awarded Place Brand of the Year at the global City/Nation/Place awards.